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  • My lost roots

    Though Independence brought joy to millions, for many, like Bansi Singh, it is still associated with the trauma of Partition….

  • Off the cuff

    Legendary sportsman Leslie Claudius is a champion without ego, writes Raju Mukherji   In India, our Olympic victories are few….

  • Yoga RX

    Shameem Akhtar suggests balancing poses to tackle vertigo   Vertigo is not an exotic disease afflicting a few. In fact,….

  • It’s never 2 late

    International columnist Jack York writes about the incredible work of India-born technology thought leader Sanjeev Shetty   The hunt continues!….

  • Off the cuff

    Little-known Norman Pritchard was the first Indian star in Hollywood and the first Indian to win an Olympics medal, writes….

  • Yoga RX

    Shameem Akhtar shows poses to tackle thyroid-related problems   Thyroid-related problems afflict a large swathe of people, especially women. We….