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In close to 15 years of this column, this is the hardest one I’ve had to write.

Harmony-Celebrate Age was born of an idea—to motivate, inform and inspire silvers across India to live their best life. And over the past decade and a half, we have done just that, with profiles of celebrities and the unsung, and news and views covering the gamut of the elder experience.

It has been a wonderful experience to produce a publication of quality month after month, page after tangible page of rich content and vibrant images that, literally, ‘celebrate age’. In the process, we have acted as a catalyst, starting a long overdue conversation about the needs and aspirations of silvers and helping to bring them from the fringes to centre-stage, even in mainstream media.

However, with the influence of print media gradually petering out in the country, we have been impelled to move on to the next stage of our evolution.

This is not goodbye, though. While it saddens me to move on from the magazine format, I want to reassure all our readers that we will continue to showcase the silver world and highlight your concerns and potential through our website I urge you to visit us—on your mobile phones and computers—and experience a new way of absorbing news and information and connecting with the world outside.

That said, I owe a debt of gratitude to all those who have walked this journey in print with us through the years our talented editors, writers and columnists; our creative designers and photographers; our committed marketing teams; and the supportive companies and partners who have rendered us advertising and logistic support.

Above all, I thank you, our readers, from the bottom of my heart. You have been the lifeblood of the magazine; your feedback has driven us to push the envelope, strive harder, and be better. We promise to do the same in our new avatar on Please bless us, join us, walk with us—you are our reason to be.

By Tina Ambani

Featured in Harmony — Celebrate Age Magazine
December 2018