Shared symphony

Love is in the air—and in the pages of the magazine—this month. A time, perhaps, not just for celebration but a degree of reflection on what makes a marriage endure and thrive.

There is no set formula, no playbook on dos and don’ts to be followed rigorously. I speak from experience here—Anil and I have completed 25 years as husband and wife. And when I think back, I marvel at how seamless and organic the journey has been, taking in its stride life’s challenges, crests and troughs, the gamut of experiences intrinsic to building a shared life.

Like many couples, we are two distinct, different people. And within the common construct of our marriage, we have allowed each other to be, keeping our individual selves nourished, never attempting to change the other, lauding the strengths and accepting the weaknesses, keenly aware that for us to evolve as a couple, we need to be self-actualised as individuals. It’s a shared symphony, one that continues to be written by the day, a composition of understanding, togetherness and learning.

Indeed, one of my greatest learnings from Anil—in addition to his articulation, clarity of thought, and discipline—is the importance of fitness. For him, it is akin to a religion and his continual drive and resolve to test his endurance, irrespective of his age or busy schedule, always inspire me. Indeed, it was a proud wife who cheered him on, like so many times before, at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon this year.

My biggest cheers, of course, were reserved for our silvers! They were back in full force, over 1,000 of them, coming together in pride. Joining me for the flag-off were actors Sonali Bendre-Behl, Taapsee Pannu and Shailesh Lodha, activist Priya Dutt and ad man Piyush Pandey. My thanks to them and to Procam International, OOH division of HUL, VLCC Wellness, SCA Hygiene Products Pvt Ltd, Reliance Communications, Reliance Infrastructure and BIG 92.7 FM for their support, and to my team for making the event a success.

Ultimately, to make anything work, whether it is an event or marriage, it takes collaboration and compromise, attention and adaptation, a sense of ownership and a feeling of belonging. And, yes, it takes love, bringing us back full circle!

By Tina Ambani

Featured in Harmony — Celebrate Age Magazine
February 2017