Wellness within

Wellness is so much more than just good health—it is a happy harmony of body, mind and soul, the ultimate affirmation of life.

This truth was reinforced for me at a transformative week spent in a retreat in Dehradun last month. The beautiful environs and experience aside, the real takeaway was the imperative to look within. It was a time to detoxify the body, cleanse the mind, rid the soul of negativity, and emerge renewed and revitalised.

So much of our life, especially our youth, is spent focusing on the external; our happiness seems bound to the outside world. However, with time comes the need for introspection, the realisation to look internally for the truths that have always eluded us, the joy that appears to play hide and seek with us, the peace we crave so desperately. To know oneself is to understand one’s place in the world; with that understanding comes healing from traumas of the body and mind, a freedom from past bitterness, and a fresh perspective to embrace the future.

As Indians, we are blessed to have a rich tradition of wellness to draw upon. From Ayurveda’s Panchakarma experience to the different schools of yoga, our ancients have always guided us on a holistic path to healing body and mind through meditation, diet and exercise that restores balance and promotes rejuvenation. Now, the rest of the world is following suit, with scientific studies validating what our ancestors knew all along!

Happily, for us in this country, this wisdom is not confined to exclusive enclaves and remote retreats. It is there all around, accessible to us all. From physical centres of Ayurveda and yoga in our towns and cities to a virtual storehouse of information on our computers, all the knowledge to begin your internal voyage is at hand, waiting to be imbibed.

Indeed, you hold the key to your wellness. This year, as we prepare to celebrate World Health Day on 7 April, open the door to your innermost self and—for a time—leave the world outside. You will discover that being alone in a crowd need not be a cry of loneliness but a song of self-discovery.

By Tina Ambani

Featured in Harmony — Celebrate Age Magazine
April 2017