Coming of age

I turn 60 this month. It’s wonderful to be able to say that out loud, with pride and happiness.

Though milestones often tend to creep up on you unbidden, this one has been different. In the past months, I’ve introspected greatly about the blessed life I’ve led, how far I’ve come. And while it’s wonderful to dwell upon the past and cherish the memories, it’s the future that excites me today—a journey to learn more about the world and my place in it.

For the past 14 years, this magazine has been intrinsic to my life. I’ve seen it grow and take wing; I’ve admired the stellar cast of silvers it has featured; I’ve watched my team combine their intellectual and creative expertise to create a world-class reading experience. And now, for the first time, I am on the cover of Harmony-Celebrate Age.

As someone who prefers to let her work do the talking, this was a big step. But I felt the time was right. On the cusp of 60, I believe I relate to our silver constituency more than ever; I identify with their concerns and connect to their aspirations; and I wish to intensify my efforts to bring their potential to the forefront. True empowerment comes from within—this is life’s biggest takeaway for me and I wished to share this on these pages. To be able to do so in the company of my dear friend Shobhaa De was the icing on the birthday cake and I thank her for joining me in conversation!

Indeed, when you make yourself relevant—for your own self and sake—you get closer to the person you wish to see in the mirror. And then there’s no holding you back. Just ask the silvers that came out in full force for the Senior Citizens’ Run at the Tata Mumbai Marathon on 21 January! Some ambled, others ran… they all shone bright, radiant and, yes, relevant. My special thanks to LIC of India chairman V K Sharma, actors Kunal Kapoor and Shailesh Lodha, and Axis Bank president (branch banking) Sanjay Silas for flagging off the run, and fitness expert Nawaz Modi Singhania for her lively warm-up session at the Harmony marquee. I also express my gratitude to Big 92.7 FM, Gagan Nulife, Girnar Food & Beverages, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Procam International, Reliance Communications, Reliance Infrastructure and Romsons for their wholehearted support. And, of course, the Harmony team for all their hard work and commitment.

To be sure, commitment is the cornerstone of any endeavour; it is the catalyst that converts an idea into reality. This year, I have made a commitment to myself: to imbue each day with promise, to live each moment with meaning. Join me!

By Tina Ambani

Featured in Harmony — Celebrate Age Magazine
February 2018