The power of 14

Success can be measured in so many different ways. It may translate to prestige or power for some; well-being or wealth for others. In my view, there’s yet another yardstick of success: the opportunity to touch lives.

That’s the first thought that crossed my mind when I realised we are celebrating another anniversary this month. For 14 wonderful years, we have had the privilege of reaching out to silvers across India, through this magazine and our events, activations and advocacy.

Over this time, we have sought to inform silvers about the world as it relates to them; inspire them through the success stories of their peers; and motivate them to be proactive about their own rights. In turn, we have impelled society to look harder and deeper at the needs and aspirations of elders, and view them as a demographic with great relevance and immeasurable potential.

In this journey, we have worked not as thunderous revolutionaries but quiet change-agents, a team working in concert, aware that the work we do is bigger than all of us; honoured to be representing Generation A; proud of the positivity we generate in a world that needs much more of it. Instead of splashy advertising or loud self-promotion, we have let our work speak for itself—and society is listening. Proof of this is the increasing space elder-related issues are garnering in mainstream media and advertising; the growing number of organisations working in what was considered a niche space; and the mushrooming of intergenerational initiatives building bonds across ages. And it’s wonderful to see.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge all those who have shared our journey: our silver stars, both renowned and unsung, who have entrusted us with their stories; all the writers, photographers and designers who have brought these stories to life; and, of course, all our readers who have supported us, appreciated our work, and driven us to strive harder and raise our own benchmarks of quality.

Thank you for walking with us, month after month, year after year. I feel truly blessed at the opportunity to connect with you. And I promise to stay the course and make you proud.

By Tina Ambani

Featured in Harmony — Celebrate Age Magazine
June 2018