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  • Heart to heart

    Folklore is replete with stories of half-human, half-animal creatures but here’s one hybrid that’s for real. Scientists have used a….

  • Medical overload

    Your doctor may walk the talk while writing out your prescriptions but here’s the thing: make sure he hasn’t prescribed….

  • In stride

    Robotic-assisted gait training is helping patients with neurological disorders walk again, says Dr Abhishek Srivastava, Director, Centre for Rehabilitation, Kokilaben….

  • The sour truth

    Red alert for those who think this natural product is a cure-all for medical conditions ranging from diabetes, weight loss….

  • Grey area

    Some women consider it sexy but, suddenly, that salt-and-pepper look in men might not be quite so appealing, after all…..

  • Nutritalk

    Wellness consultant Naini Setalvad doles out a smart plan for fasting   American author Benjamin Franklin once said, “The best….