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  • Muscling in on protein

    Call it vain but more people than you would imagine believe that raising protein intake will boost muscle mass as….

  • Step up to prevent falls

    Your calcium supplements aren’t magic beans. That’s the subtext of a recent recommendation issued by the US Preventive Services Task….

  • Nutritalk

    To mark the 14th anniversary of Harmony-Celebrate Age, we serve up 14 TIPS FOR A HEALTHIER YOU   Not everyone….

  • Move it!

    Did you know that simple daily activities like walking the dog, gardening, mowing the lawn or indulging in low-intensity exercises….

  • Turmeric tales

    What if we said you could simply reach into your kitchen cabinet and take a dose of happiness? Better still,….

  • Smoke alarm

    Kick the habit or kick the bucket. Researchers have found that cutting back on the number of cigarettes you smoke….