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  • Record lapel

    Arvind Sinha, a Mumbai-based collector, stores a treasure of information in bite-size lapel pins, discovers Rachna Virdi.   Arvind Sinha’s….

  • ‘Four’ the love of writing

    Manjiri Prabhu finds her muse in an ancient palace in Salzburg, the setting of her new novel The Trail of….

  • The butterfly diaries

    Natasha Rego meets India’s ‘Butterfly Man’ Isaac Kehimkar Himalayan expeditions are meant to test the limits of patience and human….

  • The storyteller

    Stories are a powerful medium, and telling them is a subversive act,” says Erica Taraporevala, 57, a professional storyteller. “In….

  • Sliver of Portugal

    The Latin Quarter of Panaji wears its colonial heart on its sleeve. Goa was just a blip on the map….

  • Saluting our bravehearts

    Manju Lodha spent her childhood in an atmosphere that reverberated with stories of Indian freedom fighters. At 18, she got….