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Crafted with devotion

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My Nani Kamla received these jhumka and maang-tikka from her husband as a symbol of love and devotion. My Nana Vijay Mull, a prominent jewellery designer of Gujarat in the 1960s, wanted to create something special for his doting wife. He wished to show her an image of herself from his own eyes—it was the only way he felt he could demonstrate his love for her. He let his mind immerse itself in her thoughts, he imbibed all her idiosyncrasies and when he felt her essence, he let his hands work the magic of creating these exquisite pieces.

After my Nani passed away in 2010, Nana came to my room one day, the jewellery set in hand. He told me how much he missed her and how much I reminded him of her—he had thus decided to bequeath the ornaments to me.

Every time I wore them, it would be a tribute to their devotion for one another and their legacy of love. Indeed, I wore this shared blessing with pride the day I got married—to the love of my life.

—Niharica Sand, 28, Singapore

Featured in Harmony — Celebrate Age Magazine
September 2017