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  • Gut feeling

    The key to longevity could lie within us. Scientists from Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Texas Health….

  • Sleep & survival

    The survival instinct defines much of what we do—or don’t—in our lives. And now it appears sleep is one of….

  • High on memory

    Here ’s ano ther sho t in the arm for advocates of legalising cannabis. A recent study by scientists at….

  • Capital care

    One of India’s premier hospitals is backing up its research with action. New Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences….

  • Rock star

    In myth and legend, it was said to tell the future. Now, the crystal ball is being used to go….

  • Retirement benefits

    Everwondered what happens to senescent cells that stop dividing but refuse to die? Well, they might just be useful to….