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  • Phone a friend

    Hands-free just got a whole new meaning. British company Amplicomms has unveiled the PowerTel M9500 5” smartphone for silvers. Its….

  • Wear and walk

    It doesn’t just do cars. At this year’s edition of technology tradeshow CES, Hyundai unveiled medical exoskeleton H-MEX, a wearable….

  • Think pink

    Scientists at Northwestern University in the US have found that gentle sound stimulation—or pink noise—can enhance deep sleep in silvers….

  • Feet first

    Putting your best foot forward is more important than you may think. According to researchers at the Podiatry University Clinic….

  • Dippy & Dave!

    A budding bromance between Dippy, the arthritic penguin, and his keeper Dave is the talk of Great Yarmouth Sea Life….

  • No hurry to be a mummy

    Forget the sleepless nights and constant fatigue, there may actually be an upside to having your kids later in life!….