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  • Scent & sensibility

    The next time you reach for your favourite scent, spritz with care. As the British edition of website reports,….

  • Take back control!

    This March, Harmony for Silvers Foundation, in association with Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital (KDAH), organised a three-edition ‘Nocturia & Enuresis….

  • Press for help

    City-based Aathma Foundation has developed the Aathma Panic Button for silvers who suffer an emergency in Chennai. The waterproof device….

  • Capital news

    The Delhi Cabinet has approved a scheme that will give 77,000 silvers over the age of 60 free tours by….

  • Doggone it!

    What works for you can work for your best friend too! A recent study as part of the European Union-supported….

  • Dying with dignity

    The Supreme Court has spoken. In a 538-page verdict, a five-judge bench proclaimed that “the right to die with dignity….