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  • All access!

    This is the road to progress. Transport major Uber has partnered with IT services company Mphasis to launch uberACCESS and….

  • Your bank comes home

    Last November, we told you in these pages that India’s apex bank had expressed its concern about silvers getting marginalised….

  • Blame it on thyroid

    Advancing age and elevated levels of FT4, a thyroid hormone, can be a deadly combination. According to researchers at the….

  • Sugar high

    Here’s some good and bad news for diabetics in the US. Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public….

  • Too much TV

    We often use the television as a substitute for human company and to while away the time. But too much….

  • Coffee calling

    While a lot has been written about the goodness of tea, drinking coffee too has its perks. As it turns….