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  • Deconstructing dementia

    Dementia can be diagnosed, reversed and treated. This message came through loud and clear at the launch of author Sailesh….

  • Step up

    Here’s som e next-level technology, literally. Researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University in Atlanta have developed ‘high-tech….

  • The robot effect

    Are they effective or more of a gimmick? It’s a question often asked about the potential of robots in silver….

  • Sex on the side

    So much for ‘old-fashioned’ values! According to a recent study on fidelity spanning generations, silvers are having more extramarital sex….

  • Retail Therapy

    World over, the clothing retail industry tends to be ageist and exclusionary rather than inclusive, leaving many silvers feel marginalised….

  • An experiment in love

    This could be the best thing you’ll see all year. A ‘televised experiment’ by Britain’s Channel 4, Old People’s Home….