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An experiment in love

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This could be the best thing you’ll see all year. A ‘televised experiment’ by Britain’s Channel 4, Old People’s Home For Four Year Olds invited 10 preschoolers into a residential home in Bristol and paired them with 10 silvers. Through their shared activities—from colouring to camping, walks in the garden to indoor games and much, much conversation—the show illustrates the tremendous impact intergenerational bonding can have. While the long-term aim to document the scientific impact on the mood, memory and ability of the silvers will take time to be realised, the immediate effect is plain to see: silver frowns turned upside down, radiant faces across the board, a spring in every step! “I expected there to be positive changes but I was absolutely blown away by the impact the children had in such a short space of time,” psychotherapist Dr Melrose Stewart, who drove the experiment, tells media. “And the positives have continued after the experiment. They have built relationships so the children are still visiting and they are setting up a nursery in the old people’s home.” The residents couldn’t be happier. “To find a child’s hand in yours is one of the most moving things that can happen to you,” says Zina, one of the silvers featured in the programme. Prepare to be moved—watch the two-part series at

Photo: Josh Barrett / Channel 4
Featured in Harmony — Celebrate Age Magazine
October 2017