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We already know that silvers are closet daredevils. And now they’re storming the beach! In the US, lifeguards are traditionally teens and young adults, who take up the job to earn some extra cash over the summer break. But, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in recent years, fewer teens are signing on, leading to about 150,000 vacant lifeguarding jobs. So who’s filling in? Surprisingly, hotels, pools and beach clubs across the US are increasingly reaching out through mailers and ads to the new demographic of active elders to step up to the lifeguard chair. And silvers are proving ready to the task. As 63 year-old lifeguard Bill Bower tells Washington Post, “It’s very tiring when I finally come home at night but I’m the best shape I’ve been in in decades.” Way to go.

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Featured in Harmony — Celebrate Age Magazine
September 2018