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This is what we call digital inclusion. Cheers to 56 year-old Briton Diane Hill (@EmoldjiNanny)—she responded to an outreach project by the BBC asking if the media could do more to reflect the lives of people by bemoaning the lack of emojis on smartphones that reflect silver lifestyles. “I have a really bad back and I wanted to tell my friend about it with an emoji that looked like me when I writhed around the floor in pain,” she tells website “Do you know what, stuff that I wanna say to my friends like, ‘I’m going out shopping to spend the kids’ inheritance’, or an emoji that lets my kids and grandkids know that they’re in big trouble. I can’t find an emoji to depict that!” The Coventry and Warwickshire chapter of the BBC was prompt to revert, commissioning Chris Oxenbury (@okse), a local artist, to design a bunch of ‘emoldjis’. The designs have been sent off to the Unicode Consortium—which develops, maintains and promotes software internationalisation standards and data—for consideration and could soon make their way to a smartphone near you. Yay! For now, you can find emoldji merchandise such as T-shirts and mugs (with worldwide shipping) on

Photo courtesy: Diane Hill & Chris Oxenbury
Featured in Harmony — Celebrate Age Magazine
January 2017