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Fashion school

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Defying the traditional stereotypes of ageing, this professor is conducting her own master class in establishing an alternative narrative. As reports, 63 year-old Lyn Slater has conquered social media with her Instagram account (over 200,000 followers) and her fashion blog Accidental Icon, which feature her in an array of designer wear. A professor of social work at New York’s Fordham University—and mother and grandmother—Slater has modelled for mega brands like Valentino Eyewear and Mango and even signed on with Elite Models in London.

Her love for fashion inspired this journey. “I never intended to address ageing; I don’t have an agenda,” she tells the Post. “But somehow I have become an alternative of ageing that young people embrace…. I’d made my name in my career, raised my daughter. I was ready to do something new.” When she signed up for classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Parsons School of Design, “the young people” would remark upon her sense of style and urge her to start a blog. And so she did. The best part: “I don’t retouch my photos. I leave the wrinkles.” See her in action at and

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Featured in Harmony — Celebrate Age Magazine
August 2017