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Haven on earth

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Whimsical, quirky and c ompl etely magical, Jikka, a private retirement home in Shizuoka prefecture, 185 km from Tokyo, is better seen than described! As CNN reports, the home belongs to Nobuko Suma and Sachiko Fujioka, two sexagenarian women (and close friends), who wanted to build a haven for themselves. Translating their dream to reality was Nobuko’s son, architect Issei Suma, who fulfilled their brief of a home that was not just functional but quirky and stylish. T he ‘back-to-nature’ complex, built across 20,451 sq ft, comprises five tepees with high ceilings and no stairs, just ramps for wheelchair access. The extensive use of wood helps the complex blend in with the high trees that encircle the site. For now, Jikka is home only to Nobuko, who bakes and grows flowers, and Fujioka, who prepares meals for the elderly; in future, the two women aim to open up the property to other silvers like them.

Photos: Takumi Ota / Courtesy: Issei Suma
Featured in Harmony — Celebrate Age Magazine
February 2018