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Material girl

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Love her or hate her—you just can’t ignore her. And now Madonna is literally in your face with her MDNA skincare line. In keeping with the 59 year-old music icon’s fierce, feminist image, the brand prides itself for not being ‘anti-ageing’. “We’re not talking about perfection and conventional standards of beauty,” she tells media. “We’re talking about taking care of your skin.” The pricey line, which launched in the US recently after a low-key presence in Japan for three years, comprises a range of products, including a face wash and eye mask for $ 50 (₹ 3,250); rose mist and chrome clay mask for $ 120 (₹ 7,700); eye serum for $ 180 (₹ 11,650); face serum for $ 240 (₹ 15,500); and a ‘rejuvenator’ skincare set for $ 600 (₹ 38,800)—you can see the whole range at “It’s a line I can use every day,” Madonna tells website “Some things I use when I don’t wear makeup, and others are good for having to apply makeup and be on stage under lights. I developed it for me, but it also feels universal. I mean, my children use it, my friends use it.” So will many others probably—if they can afford it.

Featured in Harmony — Celebrate Age Magazine
December 2017