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Phone a friend

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Hands-free just got a whole new meaning. British company Amplicomms has unveiled the PowerTel M9500 5” smartphone for silvers. Its standout feature: it can be operated remotely by family members from their own phone/tablet/computer if the user pushes a ‘help’ button. This enables the family to change the settings on the phone, troubleshoot snags, send text messages and emails on the user’s behalf, and download useful apps for the user. They can also check the battery level of the phone and remind the user to put it on charge. “We found smartphones were not being used by the elderly until a family member was able to help,” Ran Meyrav of Amplicomms tells media. “Developing remote access solves that problem.” Other highlights of the phone include an extra loud ring tone up to 90 dB, a boost function to enhance speaker volume with a physical key up to 40 dB, and very efficient hearing aid compatibility, making it a great choice for the hearing impaired. The phone is available in the UK for £ 180 (about   14,600). To learn more, go to

Photo courtesy: Amplico
Featured in Harmony — Celebrate Age Magazine
May 2017