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Retail Therapy

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World over, the clothing retail industry tends to be ageist and exclusionary rather than inclusive, leaving many silvers feel marginalised on the fringes. With this in mind, the National Retail Research Knowledge Exchange Centre at Nottingham Business School in the UK recently held a special symposium on ‘Engaging with the Ageing’. Here were some key takeaways, as reported by website

  • Understand the individual, not the category. Retailers must learn to see older shoppers as a varied and diverse collection of individuals, rather than a homogeneous group.
  • Involve older people in retail, particularly in fashion design, to make mature shoppers feel more engaged.
  • Be aware of subtle cues and turnoffs. For instance, rethink the age of staff working on makeup counters to make shoppers of all ages feel comfortable.
  • Hire staff from a more diverse range of ages and pay older employees better.
  • Size does matter. Whether it is women’s clothing design or groceries, where older people tend to prefer smaller portions, retailers need to be more flexible and adapt to shoppers’ varying needs.
  • Retail can lead the way. Rather than being reactive to the ageing population, be proactive, set the tone, and change business models.
Featured in Harmony — Celebrate Age Magazine
October 2017