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Role model

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At 74, she says she feels more herself than she did as a 20 year-old cover model! Meet former ‘It Girl’ Benedetta Barzini, who shares her journey from the streets of Rome to the flashy parties of Manhattan and her return to Milan to become a teacher in an article in the UK edition of Vogue magazine. She knows only too well how unforgiving the beauty industry can be—from being the face of Ford models at 20, she went to being “a nobody” by 25. It is then that she left for Milan, where she finally found herself. “It was around that point that I realised beauty is a nuisance,” she writes. “It tricks you into fighting an uphill battle against the march of time. Who cares if you have wrinkles? Your responsibility is to do something with the life that you were given—and if that life is reflected in the lines of your face, so much the better.” Now, with her 75th birthday round the corner, Barzini acknowledges and embraces herself as somebody “real, authentic, who has a true sense of who she is and has really lived—rather than somebody who spends time worrying over whether or not her eyelashes are curled.” We love it.

Photo: Dinodia Photo Library
Featured in Harmony — Celebrate Age Magazine
October 2018