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Sex on the side

Author: admin

So much for ‘old-fashioned’ values! According to a recent study on fidelity spanning generations, silvers are having more extramarital sex than younger people. In the study, conducted at the University of Utah, while 14 per cent of married Americans under the age of 55 reported indulging in extramarital sex, the rate went up to 20 per cent for those over 55. “Even as overall divorce rates have fallen in recent decades, there has been a startling surge in ‘grey divorce’ among the middle-aged,” study leader Professor Nicholas H Wolfinger tells website “Part of that story seems to be a corresponding increase in midlife adultery, which seems to be both the cause and the consequence of a failing marriage. While the declining rate of extramarital sex among younger Americans seemingly portends a future of monogamous marriage, the seeds sown by the sexual revolution continue to bear unanticipated fruit among older Americans.” (Jaw drops.)

Featured in Harmony — Celebrate Age Magazine
October 2017