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Sleep & survival

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The survival instinct defines much of what we do—or don’t—in our lives. And now it appears sleep is one of them. A fascinating study of the Hadza, a group of hunter-gatherers in northern Tanzania, by researchers at the University of Toronto reveals that the natural variation in sleep patterns among the youth and silvers may be a means of assuring the survival of the community. As the team writes in journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, it was extremely rare for there to be synchronous sleep among the Hadza; at least one person was either awake or sleeping lightly for 99.8 per cent of the sleep periods sampled. More interesting, the variation in sleep timing could be almost entirely accounted for by the mixture of ages in the group. This led them to conclude that sleep patterns could be an evolutionary mechanism of survival.

Featured in Harmony — Celebrate Age Magazine
September 2017