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The bold and the beautiful

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We’ve been saying it for a while—silver is the new black. And here’s the proof. “Dedicated to the older fashionista”, the blog Bolder, curated by writer Dominique Afacan and photographer Helen Cathcart with the tagline ‘How to Grow Older’, features a series of stunning silver portraits accompanied by an interview of the subject. “We were scared about getting older—in part, thanks to the way ageing is portrayed in the media—and we wanted to do something that would help us feel more positive about it,” Afacan tells website “On a wider level, we also wanted to change perceptions about ageing and champion older people who were interesting or inspiring in some way.” When we took a peek at the blog, we were greeted with the slamming Speedoclad body of 85 year-old physiotherapist, ski instructor and swim coach Pierre Gruneberg! Check him (and other hot silvers) out for yourself at or on the Twitter and Instagram handle @being-bolder

Photographs courtesy:
Featured in Harmony — Celebrate Age Magazine
December 2016