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The old & the beautiful

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Sexy has no number, or expiry date. Just ask 83 year-old Playboy Bunny-turned-fashion blogger Dorrie Jacobson, who is shattering beauty biases on her Instagram handle Senior Style Bible. A recent post has her sharing a racy photo of herself in black lingerie—and we can’t keep calm! “Why am I suddenly prancing around in lingerie in my 80s?” writes the Las Vegas-based silver. “Because I want to encourage women to embrace their bodies at every age. Society is obsessed with youth… and I want to broaden that definition of beauty to include women of all ages. Why do we have to be young and flawless to be considered beautiful? If I can stand here in my knickers, with a less than perfect 83 year-old body… then perhaps other women will be inspired to love themselves a little bit more… flaws and all.”

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Photo: Jackie Samano
Featured in Harmony — Celebrate Age Magazine
August 2018