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Uptown girl

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Sixty-three and stunning, this supermodel (from back when the term was coined) stole hearts worldwide when she appeared in former husband Billy Joel’s classic video, Uptown girl. And she’s turning heads even today in American magazine Sports Illustrated’s recent swimsuit edition. Now, Christie Brinkley has shared her anti-ageing secrets in an interview with Forbes magazine, many of which she has also discussed in her book Timeless Beauty: Over 100 Tips, Secrets, and Shortcuts to Looking Great (Grand Central; 198 pages). The best part: many of them are surprisingly doable.

For instance, she calls for a scientific approach to food, urging people to know what they are eating and what they should be eating. Pay attention to what goes into the groceries you’re buying, she advocates, and avoid artificial or unknown ingredients, added sugar, processed white flour and excess salt. And while she recommends you eat lots of fruits and vegetables—a rainbow diet, where you fill your plate with colours and thus antioxidants—she is wary of “deny-iting”, where you completely deprive yourself of food you enjoy. Her other tips include drinking lots and lots of water; protecting yourself from the sun by using sunscreen assiduously; having pets around to zap depression and keep you active; having a positive attitude and smiling often; and engaging in “multi-taskercise”—which she defines as interspersing physical activity with her daily activities, like squats, calf-raises and (yikes) push-ups. “Sitting still is enemy,” she says. “Holding still is rust…. The key is mixing things up, maintaining variety, integrating exercise into your daily routines and making exercise fun.” The results speak for themselves.

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Featured in Harmony — Celebrate Age Magazine
August 2017