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Wear and walk

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It doesn’t just do cars. At this year’s edition of technology tradeshow CES, Hyundai unveiled medical exoskeleton H-MEX, a wearable robot aimed to restore mobility. As website tells us, the battery-powered device, which is strapped on like a brace, is designed for people with lower spinal cord injuries. After calculating their walking pace, stride length and torso tilting angle, it renders “individually tailored gait pattern adjustment”, giving them the ability to sit down, stand up, move, turn around and even walk up or down stairs.

Other devices in the works are H-WEX, a waist exoskeleton that will provide upper body and hip support, and the Hyundai Universal Medical Assist (HUMA) for silvers with limited mobility. Extending up the back for greater support, HUMA can support up to 40 kg of a wearer’s weight and run at up to 12 km per hour. All devices are adjustable to fit people of different sizes. As for when these will become available, the folks at Hyundai have left us all guessing.

Photo courtesy: Hyundai
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May 2017