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  • When the curtains rise

    Versatile dancer and choreographer Papiha Desai continues the legacy of her father, dance maestro and choreographer Yog Sunder Desai, reports….

  • Namaste Mumbai

    Sooni Taraporevala has themed most of her work on her beloved Bombay and then Mumbai. What does the veteran filmmaker….

  • “Mohiniattam is my life”

    Through her incredible work of a lifetime, legendary Mohiniattam exponent Padma Bhushan Dr Kanak Rele has breathed fresh air into….


    A legacy of lenses

    Master photographer Lenny Emmanuel carries forward his family’s mission to document the heritage of Hyderabad   A little more than….


    Sound of silence

    Former hostage negotiator Richard Mullender teaches corporate firms the art of listening and negotiation to help them win boardroom wars….


    Guardian of the truth

    From local exposés to battling separatists in Assam, veteran journalist Kanak Sen Deka has been a pillar of the fourth….