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  • Beauty and the best

    A pioneer of the herbal cosmetic care movement, Shahnaz Husain singlehandedly established a market for ancient Indian wisdom on beauty….

  • Devoted to Dhruvpad

    The first female exponent of this classical musical tradition, Dr Madhu Bhatt Tailang is striving to ensure it does not….


    The ‘Descent’ant

    Artist Haroon Khimani finds inspiration in collapsed structures and their reconstruction, writes Sahil Jaswal   Haroon Khimani doesn’t see gloom….

  • An ace, always

    Tennis legend Naresh Kumar relives the golden moments of his career in a chat with Partha Mukherjee   Naresh Kumar….

  • Himalayan hero

    Raj Kanwar meets veteran environmentalist and social activist Chandi Prasad Bhatt, a leading force behind the Chipko Andolan, a movement….

  • Eco Warriors

    ‘Risk’ defined as exposure to danger, has many variable, individual dimensions. There is also the reality of collective risk—unambiguous, unsparing….