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With this free app, you can set personalised reminders for medication and track your dosage

Available for: iOS 9.3 or later; Android

What it does: Medisafe is designed to manage your medication better and keep your health parameters, such as blood pressure, glucose and weight, in check. The app also offers personalised reminders for medication and medicine refills. What’s more, it warns you about drug-to-drug interactions.

How it works: After downloading the app, Medisafe’s intuitive visual interface lets you to easily feed in your medication, dosage and frequency. After this, all your medications, along with directions of when and how to consume them, are neatly displayed on the ‘Home’ page. Tabs like ‘Home’, Updates’, ‘Report’, ‘Med Cabinet’ and ‘More’ are located at the bottom consistently in all windows for easy navigation through pages. While the ‘Med Cabinet’ tab houses all the medications you or members of your family are administered, ‘Updates’ is where you can access the app’s premium features, like inviting your friend or caregiver, who is informed in case of a missed dose. The ‘Report’ tab has your weekly, monthly and yearly health reports and your dosage report. An overall medication management app, Medisafe is being used by over 4.5 million users worldwide with an average of 4.7/5 star rating.

March 2019