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Check out this free app that empowers silvers digitally


Available for: iOS 9.3 or later; Android

What it does: Designed keeping silvers in mind, Empowerji teaches you to use technology with audio-visual help. Along with tutorials, it showcases stories of inspiring silvers from all walks of life and brings a sense of belonging through its community-sharing feature. The multilingual app is available in Gujarati, English, Hindi and Marathi.

How it works: Once you download it, the app opens directly to the language selection, after which it takes you to the ‘Home’ page, where four options—Mobile Apps, Sites & More, Features and Community—are placed in a neat and uncluttered grid-view. Each group has multiple subgroups: for instance, Mobile Apps houses categories of apps for ‘Food’, ‘Taxi and Travel’, etc, where ‘Food’ has video tutorials on ‘How to’ subjects like ordering food from ‘Swiggy’, ‘Zomato’, etc. ‘Taxi and Travel’ has tutorials on setting up and using travel apps like Ola, Uber, etc. Likewise, Sites & More teaches you to use desktop sites like Practo, YouTube, etc. The subjects covered are vast and the content is well-curated.

February 2019