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A man taking a ritual bath in the sacred pool of the Golden Temple in Amritsar, the Sikhs’ holiest pilgrimage place. Standing on an island and surrounded by a pool of water, the temple signifies Ultimate Reality amid the waters of eternity and immortality; and it constitutes a place where pilgrims can, symbolically, cross from the profane to the sacred

In search of the ultimate reality

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It is believed that all religions lead us to the same God. In his recent book Nostalgia for Eternity – Journeys in Religion, History, and Myth on the Indian Subcontinent (Niyogi; ₹ 3,000), photographer Leonid Plotkin depicts the human yearning for transcendence and every pilgrim’s attempt to reach the eternal, evoking the idea that the Truth is One. A visual treat on India’s multifaceted religious traditions, the book gives us a glimpse into the cultural phenomena and spiritual practices of believers, from Tantric worshippers to Buddhist monks, Sufi pilgrims to Baul fakirs.

Featured in Harmony — Celebrate Age Magazine
September 2018