Tattoo tales

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Getting ‘inked’ is a rage among the youth today. And now, there is a growing number of silvers who love to flaunt their body art. In the photo project ‘TattooAge. Never Too Old’, GetOud—a Dutch foundation run by Ingrid Meijering and Marion Duimel with the aim of fostering a positive image of the elderly, showcases 25 silvers with body art posing comfortably in their living rooms. While some got inked in their younger days, many got their tattoos after turning 50. Interestingly, an 80 year-old poses with a design that was a ‘gift’ from her grandkid! “We hope people understand you are never too old for a tattoo and we want to share the lovely stories behind them,” Marion tells online newspaper “All the tattoos have a life experience or life lesson behind them worth discussing.” The photos have also culminated in a book featuring the portraits of these silvers and the stories behind their tattoos. To know more about these uber-cool silvers, visit or watch and share their stories on

Photo courtesy: GetOud
January 2019