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  • The chill pill

    Electronic bracelets for prisoners on probation… yawn; microchips that keep tabs on the enemy…old hat; but ‘digital pills’? Now here’s….

  • Pumped with protein

    Seniors pumped with protein are less likely to suffer fractures and death from falls. How so? Well, advancing age causes….

  • The RLS-CVD connection

    A good night’s sleep may be more important than you think, especially for senior women. A study conducted at Pennslyvania….

  • Listen up

    If you’re hard of hearing, you may have lost more than your ability to hear; it could be accompanied by….

  • Nutritalk

    Food is the best weapon to beat the heat, says wellness consultant Naini Setalvad   Come summer and the temperature….

  • The magic chair

    Here’s a quick way to plug a leak—no surgery, no tedious exercises. A high-tech chair called ‘BTL EMSella’ can do….