Cycle of life

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For all those who believe that a traditional, pedal-powered bike is the best way to provide a workout for your cardiovascular system, new research suggests electric bikes may provide even bigger brain benefits when it comes to silvers. The study by UK-based University of Reading and Oxford Brookes University looked at 100 silvers aged 50 to 83. While some were non-cyclists who acted as controls, some used a standard pedal bike, and yet others used an e-bike fitted with an electric motor to help with pedalling. The cycling participants were asked to cycle at least three times a week for 30 minutes for a period of eight weeks, with their cognitive function and wellbeing measured before and after the study. The findings, published in journal PLOS One, showed that all cyclists benefited from a boost to cognitive function and mental health, regardless of which bike they used. Although both groups of cyclists showed improvements in executive function—skills that help with memory, impulse control, and planning— e-bike users actually showed greater improvement in other areas of brain function and mental wellbeing than the participants who used standard bikes. Researchers now suggest cycling may bring additional benefits for health beyond just increasing levels of activity, with spending time in the outdoors also appearing to have an effect on general wellbeing.


March 2019