Move that body

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Worrying about just smoking and diabetes is now passé. Leading a sedentary lifestyle is more dangerous than lifestyle diseases, warns a new study. Wael Jaber and his team at Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, US, made 122,007 patients undergo treadmill testing and followed them up for 23 years. It was found that those who did not exercise had a 500 per cent increased risk of death compared to those who did. Moreover, the mortality risk was twice as much among individuals who didn’t exercise when compared to those who had kidney failure on dialysis.It was established that leading an inactive lifestyle and being unfit for longer periods can severely impact your health as well as longevity. So while you consider quitting cigarettes, also remind yourself to step away from your desk at regular intervals and move to live a longer and healthier life. The findings were published in the American Journal of Public Health.

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January 2019