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‘Aged Care Reimagined’, a new initiative by Australian aged care provider Whiddon Group, aims to shatter stereotypes and correct prevalent misconceptions about elderly residential care. The campaign includes videos featuring residents on the themes of active ageing, the arts, community connections and companionship, which are published on their Facebook page. “When it comes down to breaking down stereotypes, seeing is believing,” Chris Mamarelis, CEO of Whiddon Group, tells website “It’s about time we re-imagined the sentiment around aged care and opened our eyes to the goodness of our industry and its people, starting with our creative ageing programmes that bring enjoyment and health and wellbeing benefits to all our residents.” The group’s programme uses a holistic approach to help silvers tackle depression, anxiety and stress through humour, music, pet therapy and dance. Let the videos bring a smile to your face—go to

Photos: Whiddon
Featured in Harmony — Celebrate Age Magazine
October 2018