Great Danes!

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It may be cold in Denmark but the silver bedroom has never been hotter! In a recent survey of the sex life of over 4,000 silvers from four different European nations—Denmark, Norway, Belgium and Portugal—by science portal, the Danes score, quite literally, higher. The portal suggests that 78.4 per cent of Danish women and 89 per cent of men claim to have an active sexual life. “There are many prejudices, as the elderly are seen as largely non-sexual,” BenteTræen, a professor at the Department of Psychology at the University of Oslo and one of the researchers of the study, tells website “Movies and media portray them as knitting socks, not having sex. Sex is more ‘reserved’ for the young and the fresh. We researchers suffer the same prejudices.” According to Astrid DitteHøjgaard, clinical lecturer and chief physician at the Sexology Centre at Aalborg University Hospital in northern Denmark, Danish culture and freedom along with improved health and acceptance of medical aids for an enhanced sex life have played a significant role. “Getting medical treatment for things that have a direct impact on one’s sex life is no longer a taboo,” she observes. “For example, it may be Viagra or other potency medication or female sex hormones, for example, if you experience dryness.”

January 2019