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Trends & Challenges in Eldercare

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India is rapidly silvering. Consider these numbers:

  • With close to 130 million elders, India accounts for one-sixth of the global elder population.
  • By 2050, close to 20 per cent of India’s population will be elders, surpassing the population of young adults in the country.
  • By 2050, age longevity is expected to increase to 75.9 years, from the current 67.5 years.
  • By 2050, India’s population above 80 will be more than the total population of countries like Greece, Belgium and Cuba.

This growth in the numbers of elders brings in its wake many challenges that need immediate attention. Care and access to care will remain top priorities for elders, their caregivers and the Government in coming years. Further, these numbers are also opening up an industry with huge market potential and opportunity.

With the Government beginning to take cognisance of the needs of this demographic, traditional Indian society starting to accept the need for senior housing and senior care in the absence of family fallbacks, and many emerging industry players entering the elder-care space, we are just beginning to get a picture of the times to come.

Given this scenario, CovaiCare presents a seminar on ‘Trends and Challenges in Eldercare’ on 29 August 2018 at Taj Gateway, Bengaluru. The seminar is another step in Covai’s sustained initiative to bring together different stakeholders in this emerging space, both from the industry and consumer sides, and initiate a discussion on the needs and challenges in the area of eldercare. The seminar will focus on the changing landscape of elder living and the need to integrate care into living solutions and build an inclusive world. There will also be discussions on pertinent social issues and specific legal issues elders need to address.

Silver Talkies, a platform that promotes active ageing through seniors’ clubs, events and activities and has India’s only online magazine focused exclusively on the 55+ (, is the knowledge partner for the event. Harmony-Celebrate Age, India’s premier lifestyle magazine for silver citizens, is the media partner.


Here are some highlights of the seminar:

  • The need to integrate care into living solutions: The solutions available today address the needs of independent living and active ageing. However, the need of the hour is to create an enabling and empowering environment that will provide lifelong care and residential support. The keynote address and the panel following it will address different needs that include assisted living, memory care, palliative care, home care, and care for persons with disabilities (PwD). Eminent speakers representing each of these categories will provide insights into the care available today and challenges faced.
  • Legal framework and challenges: With increase in longevity, many challenges, specifically legal ones, confront elders. What are these challenges and how can they be tackled? The second keynote address will specifically address a few of these challenges through the eyes of a leading legal professional.
  • Elders and PwD: The focus now moves to a niche segment within the elder segment: elders with disabilities and elders with children with disabilities. India has nearly 21 million people with some form of disability. All current residential projects focus on the able-bodied and are not attuned to house people with disabilities. Our panel will focus on the need to build an inclusive society catering to the needs of those with disabilities. Experts, NGOs and caregivers across a segment of disabilities will discuss associated challenges and the way forward.


Participation in this programme is by invitation. The audience will represent key stakeholders, including NGOs, organisations working with PwD, parents of PwD, healthcare and homecare institutions, consultants, industry forums, senior citizens’ forums and associations, media, builders and architects, academia, and HR professionals. The invitee list is being drawn up to ensure a healthy mix of participants, besides ensuring that the information generated at the seminar reaches a wider audience.