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Yoga in Yugouliang

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The power of this ancient Indian discipline is now being felt across the world. In the tiny Chinese village of Yugouliang in Hebei province, 52 year-old local official Lu Wenzhen seized upon yoga as the answer to the problem of loneliness faced by elderly residents. (The average age of a Yugouliang resident is 65.) While the silvers were sceptical at first—Lu wasn’t a trained instructor and had learnt some basic poses on the Internet!—they came around slowly. As reports, he began with a small group, enticing them with yoga mats. As more people joined, Lu enrolled in a state-sponsored yoga course and became a qualified judge for yoga competitions. In February 2017, the turning point came when the State General Administration of Sports, which oversees the country’s athletics, named Yugouliang ‘China’s first yoga village’ and the village was granted a sum of $ 1.5 million for a nursing home and a yoga pavilion, where villagers can practise year round. Going forward, Lu has big plans: he wants to turn Yugouliang into a yoga training base for farmers from all over China.

Featured in Harmony — Celebrate Age Magazine
November 2018