At the outset, a happy new year to you all! Welcome to, your home for the latest news, views and reviews on the silver world.

Although this website is close to 15 years old, this month, this year, marks a new dawn for us—beginning now, this will be the exclusive home of the premium content you enjoyed and savoured in Harmony-Celebrate Age.

Indeed, with silvers across India increasingly adopting the digital way of life—using their smartphones and tablets for information, entertainment, banking and shopping—we thought it time to take the digital plunge ourselves. For starters, it allows us to reach many more silvers, in India and overseas. What’s more, it allows us to bring you the news you need in real time—more frequent updates, daily content to look forward to, regular interaction, and a more immersive experience.

We look forward to your feedback to make the site all it can be, all it should be. We are ready to constantly and consistently raise the bar to serve you better. Visit us often, share what you read, tell your friends and family about the site—this is the next leg of our journey and we invite you to walk with us!

By Tina Ambani

January 2019