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  • Hot tea!

    If you enjoy sipping on that steaming hot cup of tea, think twice. New research establishes a link between drinking….

  • Weight and watch

    If you have stayed away from lifting weights at the gym, thinking it might not be a good idea for….

  • Toothy truth

    Research has established a clear association between cognitive function and tooth loss when cognitive function score was categorised into quintiles…..


    Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Measure your blood pressure and pulse rate with no fuss Hypertension, or high blood pressure, could….

  • Hips don’t lie

    Are hip fractures a flag for Alzheimer’s? It seems so, as most silvers hospitalised for hip fracture surgery carried biomarkers….

  • Go nuts

    If you have Type 2 diabetes and want to do your heart a favour, go nutty, according to a new….