Weight and watch

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If you have stayed away from lifting weights at the gym, thinking it might not be a good idea for your bones, it’s time to correct that myth. A new study by an institute in Finland has discovered that lifting weights can be potent for ageing well. Weight training by silvers not only helps build strength and muscle mass, but also impacts emotionally, boosting confidence in silvers and motivating them to continue exercising.

Generally, loss of muscle mass begins in our early 40s at a rate of about 5 per cent a decade, with the decline often precipitating a long slide toward frailty and dependence. Silvers who lift weights can slow or reverse that descent, the study pinpoints. Silvers, who begin to lift weights, gain muscle mass and strength, leading to better mobility, mental sharpness and metabolic health.

The study was conducted on silvers between the ages of 65 and 75, who were healthy and physically active, but did not lift weights. Twice a week programme of supervised, full-body resistance training was conducted to familiarise participants with proper technique and build a base of strength. Then they were put on a routine for six months, with some of them lifting weights thrice, twice and once a week. Once the study was over, it was found that silvers who lifted weights even once a week had gained strength and improved various markers of health.

April 2019