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    Meet Instagram star Shanthi Ramachandran   In today’s web-fuelled world, you can now get recipes for your favourite dishes at….

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    Meet Instagram star Sarah Jane Adams   Instagram is often considered a platform for the young, where they can post….

  • “Women face the same challenges as Sita even today”

    In The Forest of Enchantments, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni retells the Ramayana through Sita’s lens, a rendering that is both timeless….

  • A fresh canvas

    Life has come full circle for Brinda Miller, who has coloured her name into the annals of Mumbai’s artistic heritage,….

  • No full stops

    India with its chaos and challenges remains home for veteran journalist Mark Tully, discovers Sudha Tilak   It’s easy to….

  • Dream run

    Hema Malini has admirably transitioned from filmstar of yore to politician of the day. Celebrating the life and times of….