Beauty and her beast

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Meet Instagram star Linda Rodin


Most beauty and style influencers on Instagram hope to launch their beauty line someday. Linda Rodin did that—and more! The former stylist and Harper’s Bazaar editor shot to the limelight when she launched her eponymous line of luxury face and body oils, RODIN olio lusso, in 2008. And at 70, the model-stylist-beauty guru remains a muse for women of all ages who adore her unique style that merges the classic and conventional with a youthful flair. One of the few realists in the beauty industry who admits there are no magic potions to stop ageing, Rodin has garnered a massive international fan base with her Instagram page @lindaandwinks, where she posts regularly with her beloved pet poodle, Winky. In fact, she has recently embarked on a new venture inspired by her furry friend—’Linda and Winks’ is a chic line of quality accessories for dogs and their caretakers. The one-of-its kind enterprise offers a collection of high-end leashes and collar sets in faux leather and denim (Rodin’s favourite material). “I was a stylist for 40 years, so this is my segue from beauty to the beast,” she tells website “I’ve been lucky to get a lot of recognition for being stylish, so I thought I would put my street cred to work and do something I’m passionate about that combines my love for animals and fashion sense.” There’s more to come. “Winky eats out of a beautiful vintage bowl I have, sleeps in a great bed, too, so those are products you’ll see in the future…and some wonderful organic biscuits, shampoo, toys and more.” Check out her line of dog accessories at and follow the duo on Instagram @lindaandwinks