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Meet Instagram star Sarah Jane Adams

Instagram is often considered a platform for the young, where they can post the best of their #selfies with their #bae or #bff while #livingtheirbestlife. But in recent years, a substantial cohort of silvers have adopted the medium, giving millennials a run for their money with their witty and stylish accounts!

Sarah Jane Adams is one of them. With the handle @saramaijewels, the 64 year-old jewellery dealer-turned-designer shot to fame while promoting her antique jewellery line—and she has quite the fan base on Instagram with over 181k followers. People are raving about her quirky sense of style and free spirit, not to mention her beautiful photography—from an an Edwardian-style blouse paired with timeworn leather or vintage silk dresses with modern sportswear, she pulls together a look that is effortlessly chic.

“I don’t even understand this word ‘style’,” she tells website “I like clothes that are comfortable, colourful, natural fabrics, a bit of vintage and a bit of street. I just mix things up.” Referring to her signature style as “chameleon”, she picks outfits with a pop of colour that are high on comfort. Calling out the idea of ‘age-appropriate dressing’, she encourages women globally to accept and embrace their ageing selves with her signature posts #mywrinklesaremystripes

As she explains in an interview with Marie Claire, Adams compares her wrinkles to the stripes common on a soldier’s uniform. “My wrinkles do not scare me; they show me and, therefore, my experience,” she says. “I see them as a badge of honour and a mark of roads travelled—why would I not be proud of them?”  

We salute her #awesomeness! Check out Adams’s eclectic style and fabulous photographs on Instagram @saramaijewels—and while you’re at it, follow us on @harmony4silvers.

March 2019