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Meet Instagram star Moon Lin


Cocking a snook at ageism, this nonagenarian Taiwanese woman is slaying street fashion like a pro. With about 98k followers on her Instagram handle @moonlin0160, Moon Lin has become a fashion force to reckon with. Though she’s been posting on social media for a while, she became an Internet sensation after a stranger shared her story online. As reported on, the stranger, Yi Hong Lee, shared a post on Facebook saying, “This is the grandma I met downstairs today. She asked me if I could take a photo for her to post. I chatted with her a bit and found out she’s actually 88 years old. Truly she was just old physically but not mentally. I immediately added her on Facebook (She is the oldest girl I have ever asked to add on Facebook….). Here’s her Instagram.” And just like that, she became an Instagram star.

Her unique and authentic style has won her an army of followers on Facebook and Instagram who affectionately call her ‘grandma’, a common term in Taiwan to address an older woman. From ripped jeans to street jerseys, Grandma Lin rocks every outfit she curates, much to the delight of her admirers. Join the fan club at @moonlin0106 and let some of her style swag rub off on you!

March 2019