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  • Vital veggies

    Are the grandkids driving you nuts lounging against the walls and peering into their smartphones? Is your best friend behaving….

  • Strength to your spine

    Endoscopic spinal surgery is a safe surgical option for treating lumbar spinal stenosis (back pain) in silvers. Dr Abhijit Y….

  • Sleeping beauty

    Can’t sleep? Just pretend you’ve popped a pill. Research says that a simple placebo—with no active therapeutic effect—may work to….

  • Pain in the back

    While anti-inflammatory drugs have been found ineffective against back pain, the truth could be far more painful. Researchers at the….

  • Weight & watch

    Obesity is a major health hazard with no one-size-fits-all solution. However, a long-term realistic goal and approach can tip the….

  • Watch out for ‘sickbit’

    The day is not far when your watch can tell you if you’re going to—achoo!—catch the flu. A research team….