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  • Tone the brain

    For millennia, yogis have been controlling their breath to strengthen their ability to focus and concentrate. Now, scientists have found….

  • Test, test, test

    Potentially saving hundreds of thousands of lives is the American Cancer Society, which has recommended screening for colorectal cancer in….

  • Smile on

    The right dental care and timely intervention can help silvers maintain good oral hygiene, says Dr Rajesh Koppikar, consultant-dental surgery,….

  • Skip the chemo

    It is an essential part of cancer treatment; its toxic side-effects seen as an unavoidable fallout. However, now, far fewer….

  • App you like it

    If you’re spending too much time on your smartphone, why not use it to improve your arterial health? In an….

  • Run for your mind

    This one’s for those who bought a fancy pair of running shoes and track pants but never used them. Researchers….