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  • Baywatch!

    We already know that silvers are closet daredevils. And now they’re storming the beach! In the US, lifeguards are traditionally….

  • Talking about a revolution

    We are clearly obsessed with the idea of immortality—the sheer number of TV shows, films and books on the subject….

  • Trends & Challenges in Eldercare

    India is rapidly silvering. Consider these numbers: With close to 130 million elders, India accounts for one-sixth of the global….

  • Super shower

    Can your shower actually ‘wrinkle-proof’ your skin? British company Vitaclean HQ has launched a filtering device that claims to remove….

  • Home truths

    We all know pollution levels are at an all-time high. And according to a recent study by Kolkata environmentalists and….

  • Live smart!

    Retrofit your home and power your life with intelligent solutions   Science fiction has seamlessly morphed into smart reality. From….