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Heels & hemlines.

Looking to stay on top of Indian celebrity fashion? High Heel Confidential is the place to go. Started by two NRI friends, Priyanka Prasad and Payal Parija, to introduce the world to desi fashion, the site is a one-stop-blog to know what’s in, what works and, importantly, what doesn’t. Prasad took some time off from the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival to give us her perspective on fashion and silvers.

Tell us a little bit about your partnership with Payal and your highly successful blog.
Payal and I met over a decade ago and the blog was born out of our mutual passion for fashion. We quickly realised there weren’t any blogs at the time catering to the Indian fashion-conscious. We decided to call that niche our home.

In your view, how can one stay stylish as one ages without looking like a fashion victim?
By emphasising style and not fashion. Once one knows what works for them, what their go-to style is, it’s easy to update the look with minor tweaks and keep it fresh without ever veering into the ‘fashion victim’ category.

How can one look fabulous without spending much?
Well-tailored clothes are the key. Easy silhouettes when well tailored pack double the punch. One can be comfortable while still being well put together. Aside from that, women have the added advantage of being able to accessorise. No matter what the age, jewellery goes a long way in adding life to a look!

What are your wardrobe recommendations?
There is no one formula that fits all. It’s good to have some classic staples that you can work according to your personal style. For instance, a colourful maxi dress or easy wide-leg linen trousers with a tunic both make for great daytime options, depending on who’s wearing them. It is important to recognise what works for your body, pick silhouettes that are both comfortable and well-crafted and, at the end of the day, have fun with it.

What should one keep in mind while accessorising?
Stick to your personal style. If, say, oversized, chunky silver jewellery is your thing, continue to work it into your wardrobe. If the clothes you tend to wear call for more discreet jewellery, you ought to go for minimalist pieces. The trick to accessorising is that the pieces—whether scarves, jewellery, hats, shoes or bags—as spectacular as they might be on their own, must work with your look in its entirety.

What are your dos and don’t for silvers when it comes to colour, shape and fit?
Contrary to what you might expect of us, we are wary of dictating rules for women of any age. At the end of the day, dress to make you happy. Pick what you feel great in. The confidence that gives you cannot be duplicated. There is no rule book that says one can only wear certain colours as one matures. As for shape, style and fit, it comes back to knowing what works for your body. Don’t compromise on tailoring. Just let go of the frumpy, shapeless silhouettes!

Can you name a few silvers whose image has only become stronger with age?
There are many, but from the top of our head Rekha and Iris Apfel come to mind. They go over the top but own every bit of it. Waheeda Rehman and Sharmila Tagore are a lesson in elegance.

—Aakanksha Bajpai

Featured in Harmony — Celebrate Age Magazine
June 2016