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  • Awesome aspirin

    Here’s a new way of warding off liver cancer. Regular use of aspirin—defined as two or more standard-dose tablets a….

  • Power your brain

    If you walk, jog or cycle three times a week, you’re in a safe zone. Regular exercise is not just….

  • Mind it!

    Don’t ignore your mental health and symptoms of depression   What are the psychological effects of ageing on our emotions,….

  • Nutritalk

    Super seeds: These nutritious superfoods should be consumed daily, says wellness consultant Naini Setalvad   I am a strong believer….

  • No red flags

    No exercise, not even sports, is insurance against cardiovascular disease (CVD) in middle-age adults. A new study conducted at the….

  • Clip and save

    The growing incidence of heart failure poses a huge health risk across the world. But here’s some good news for….