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  • Magic WAND

    A pacemaker for the heart is passé. Now, scientists are developing a wireless device that can stimulate the brain with….

  • Oral tale

    Until recently, experts have been baffled by what exactly causes Alzheimer’s, and powerless at slowing or reversing the progress of….

  • Healing maladies with melody

    Employing music for physiological and psychological wellness is slowly gaining ground in India If music be the food of love,….


    Knee Orthosis with Electric Heating   Knee pain is one of the most common complaints of ageing. The underlying causes….

  • Move that body

    Worrying about just smoking and diabetes is now passé. Leading a sedentary lifestyle is more dangerous than lifestyle diseases, warns….

  • Awesome aspirin

    Here’s a new way of warding off liver cancer. Regular use of aspirin—defined as two or more standard-dose tablets a….