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  • Run for your mind

    This one’s for those who bought a fancy pair of running shoes and track pants but never used them. Researchers….

  • Pass the salt, please

    The next time you say ‘pass the salt’, don’t be apologetic. While doctors advise elders to consume a low-sodium diet….

  • Nutritalk

    Wellness consultant Naini Setalvad recommends home-grown herbs to enhance the nutritive value of food   Growing up in a city….

  • The legacy of life

    With nearly 500,000 Indians dying every year waiting for a transplant, organ donation is an imperative today, overcoming the paucity….

  • Health@home

    ApnaCare brings home a comprehensive healthcare solution for silvers   When 67 year-old Srinivas in Hyderabad finishes his breakfast, the….

  • Chew on this

    While some believe chewing gum is a stress-buster, others claim it prevents tooth decay and plaque formation. Now, a recent….