Stay cool with summer fruits

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Partake of nature’s bounty to stay hydrated this summer, says wellness consultant Naini Setalvad


When the mercury rises, energy levels plunge. This is especially true for silvers, who often neglect to replenish the water, salt, minerals and sugar lost from sweating and dehydration. I constantly remind all my clients to ensure their electrolyte balance is maintained in this sweltering weather. Fortunately, Mother Nature offers us a bounty of foods—especially fruits—that come to our rescue during these months of intense humidity and high temperatures. In fact, fruits are your ideal go-to between meals, reviving poor appetite and energising jaded taste buds.

It begins with melons: from green-white and yellow musk to red juicy watermelon. This is followed by the king of the fruits—mangoes—whose arrival we all await eagerly! Raw or ripe, they remain delicacies for the palate. Mid-May brings with it juicy black jamun, sweet-and-sour phalsa and sugary sweet lychees. And let’s not forget delicious lemon, coconut water and ice apple, or tadgola.

Let’s look at the amazing health benefits of these lip-smacking fruits.

Raw mango

A raw mango is the best kitchen cure for a sunstroke. In addition, it is an excellent source of Vitamin C, thereby preventing the common summer cold. That’s why we obsess over raw mango pickles and drinks in summer.

Ripe mango

My mouth waters when I just say its name. This sweet fibrous fruit is the most misunderstood; in fact, I recommend it to silvers. It is extremely healthy, with zero fat. It is rich in fibre and natural sugar, thus keeping you full for a longer time. The rich orange makes it a good source of beta carotene, thus making it excellent for the hair, skin and eyes. It’s also a powerful antioxidant.

Coconut water

I call this the elixir of life and I am thankful to live in a country where it is abundantly available. This wonder food contains natural electrolytes and is an excellent oral rehydration medium. It keeps the body cool and acts as a wonderful diuretic.


As a child, it was so exciting to get a large watermelon home; slice it and bite into it. With every crunch, my taste buds would come alive with the gush of natural sugar and water. Each bite contains 92 per cent water and 6 per cent sugar—no wonder it keeps you so well hydrated! This delectable thirst-quencher is not just a great pick-me-up on a hot summer’s day but packed with some of the most important antioxidants in nature. Watermelon is an excellent source of Vitamin C as well as Vitamin A, notably owing to its concentration of beta-carotene, and is almost negligible in terms of calorie content. A serving of chilled watermelon is the perfect way to beat the summer heat while boosting your immunity.

Musk melon

Just cut a musk melon in summer and dig in! It is one of the most soothing fruits and instantly cools you  down. In addition, the seeds are able to clear phlegm and benefit the intestines.

Black jamun

The jamun is a rich source of vitamins A and C and its low glycaemic levels make it great for diabetics. In India’s gruelling summers, this fruit really cools our systems. It even finds mention in Indian mythology—Lord Krishna’s skin has been described as the colour of the fruit and Lord Rama is said to have survived much of the time on it during his exile in the forest!

Yummy recipes with fruits




  • Strawberries: 6
  • Banana: 1; large
  • Ice cubes: 1/4th cup


Chop the strawberries into tiny squares and the bananas into tiny pieces. Crush the ice cubes in a blender. Add the chopped strawberries and bananas to the crushed ice cubes and blend well. Serve chilled.



  • Musk melon: 1 cup; chopped into cubes
  • Mint leaves: 1 tbsp; finely chopped
  • Black salt and lemon juice to taste


Add all the ingredients, mix well, chill for a while and serve.



  • Yoghurt: 500 gm
  • Pineapple: ½ cup; finely chopped
  • Mint leaves: 1 tbsp; finely chopped
  • Green chilli: ½ tsp; finely chopped
  • Black salt to taste


Beat the yoghurt till no lumps remain. Add all the ingredients to the yoghurt and mix well. Chill and garnish with chopped coriander leaves.

Setalvad is an obesity and lifestyle disease consultant who offers diet counselling at Health for You, a wellness clinic in Mumbai, as well as online. Visit for more details or write to if you have any queries for her

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