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    Knock on wood

    In times of disposable furniture, Sailaja Paturi goes completely against the grain. She designs and makes vintage pieces for true….

  • Wired world

    History is testimony to how human behaviour has shaped the world over the centuries. The times and the environment we….

  • The guardian of kingdoms

    Rebuilding ancient fortresses is not a job for the faint-hearted. Fortunately, Aman Nath, the foremost restorer of vintage properties in….

  • Reverse gear

    Adventure and intrigue follow this restorer’s quest for vintage jeeps. The go-to guy for lovers of these old roadsters in….

  • In sepia

    Cameras make memories but this collector’s memories are tied to his adventures in acquiring these fantastic machines   Chinnasamy Sekar….

  • Speak

    Jayanti Premkumar in Mumbai trains the underprivileged in upcycling products   “We need to change our mindset about what constitutes….