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  • Usha rocks!

    Singer Usha Uthup recently forayed into music direction and proved that even with silver in your hair, your dreams can….

  • The lone ranger

    The tiger stands on the brink of extinction in India, but tiger conservationist Valmik Thapar refuses to abandon hope, writes….

  • Empress of solitude

    Writer Anita Desai’s life and work have been marked by discipline and attention to detail, writes Jai Arjun Singh  ….

  • Lord of the dance

    Pioneer of contemporary dance in India, Astad Deboo’s unique vocabulary continues to hold audiences in thrall, writes Arati Rajan Menon….

  • Heartstrings

    Violinist Lalgudi Jayaraman’s children and grandchildren carry on his musical tradition with passion and flair, writes Padmini Natarajan   A….

  • Conscience Keeper

    The force behind India’s right-to-information movement Aruna Roy continues to fight for the ‘other India’. Teena Baruah gets a ringside….